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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cover FX Review

     I decided to write a review on Cover FX custom cover drops after I won a shade on twitter.  If you are not familiar with Cover FX they are custom cover drops that you can add to your moisturizer to make it tinted! For that matter you can add it to any liquid: moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, and even foundations. They won an Allure Award in 2015 for a breakthrough product.

     I love that Cover FX saves me a step during my morning routine.  I am always doing something different every day and do not always need full coverage.  I use one, two, or three drops depending on what my day entails.  The more drops you add the more coverage you will get.  About a dime size of my moisturizer and two drops of Cover FX  is my everyday formula. I mix it with the tip of my beauty blender and apply with the opposite end.

Here are some before and after coverage photos:

Custom cover drops are available in 15 mL size bottles.  You can choose from three tone categories: pink, neutral, and golden. A total of 25 colors to choose from.  This bottle will last me at least a year and at the price of $44 it is well worth it!

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